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Episode 027 Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything! [Raw & Unedited]

027 Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything! [Raw and Unedited!] Fabric Softener on Finished Knits? and What’s Happening with Creative Knitting Magazine



Welcome to another Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything episode! In this off-the-cuff convo-style episode, Tabetha and I chat about Creative Knitting Magazine, TNNA, Sweet Georgia Yarns, and a doozy of a question from caller Jenny Clark. Also, this episode is the first of it’s kind and a little daring for us because it’s raw and unedited! It’s just us, right out the the gate from the moment I hit record. You’re getting it all…no intro music, no editing. The bottom line is, I know you want good content. It’s not about fancy background music. We think you’ll really like this radical new approach! 

026 Francoise Danoy, Knitwear Designer and Instagram Phenom! + Free Guide To Master Instagram!



In this episode, I chat with Francoise Danoy, knitwear designer, Instagram guru and Marketing maven, who designs under the label Aroha Knits. Her brand’s mission is to enrich, encourage and empower creatives in the fiber industry so that they can fearlessly pursue their goal of running a small fiber business. You’ll learn how Francoise took her Instagram following to over 15k loyal followers and she will explain exactly how she did it!  

“Thanks to social media and the internet, the world is becoming more interconnected. People from many different communities are introducing the craft of knitting to their own cultures and starting businesses.”

— Francoise Danoy

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025 Lena Skvagerson, Lead Designer and Visionary Behind Annie’s Signature Designs




Today I’m chatting with Lena Skvagerson, the lead designer and visionary behind Annie’s Signature Designs. Lena joined Annie’s in 2014, bringing with her over 25 years in the European design markets. We talk about her vision for the new Annie’s Signature Designs Summer Love Collection, 20 + upscale knit and crochet patterns, released April 2016. We also talk about her experience as both Associate Producer and knit and crochet expert on the Annie’s PBS television series, Knit and Crochet Now!, and what it’s like creating this popular show.


“If you’re already living your passion, you definitely have potential… you shouldn’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and get started even if it’s a small step.”

— Lena Skvagerson

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024 Building Confidence through Craft with Deborah Norville and her Journey to Host of the PBS Television Show Knit and Crochet Now!



Today I welcome two-time Emmy© winner and New York Times Bestselling author Deborah Norville to Power Purls! Deborah is known to millions as anchor of Inside Edition, the nation’s top-rated syndicated news magazine. She is also a huge crafter, loving knitting, crochet, sewing, macrame, embroidery, needlepoint and cross-stitch. Deborah kicks off Season 7 (April 2016) as the new Host of Knit and Crochet Now!, the popular Annie’s television show seen on PBS stations across America.

In 2008, Deborah partnered with Premier Yarns to create her own collection of high quality super-soft yarns named the Deborah Norville Collection, which started with just four yarns and now boasts over 20 yarns and a full range of dyed birchwood knitting needles and crochet hooks.

She is also the author of Knit with Deborah Norville a collection of more than 18 projects and classic patterns for knitting.  Deborah is married to Karl Wellner and is the mother of three.  She can be reached via her website www.DeborahNorville.com and on social media as @DeborahNorville.

“I am a firm believer that knitting and crocheting and the act of creation has given me the confidence to chase the dreams I’ve had in my life.”

— Deborah Norville

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023 Going Deep and Exploring How Your Passion for Knitting Drives Your Life


How does your passion for knitting show up in other areas of your life?

How Passion Manifests in Unexpected Ways…

In this short and sweet solo episode I talk about a recent ah-ha moment and ask you a thought provoking question about how your own knitting passion drives your life and what it would be like without it.

Personally, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my passion for knitting. Looking back at the stepping stones is amazing– first as a budding a designer, then embarking on an illustration freelance career, to becoming the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting Magazine and Host of Power Purls Podcast. This passion has also helped me pay forward my nearly 15 years in the industry through business coaching for creative entrepreneurs. 

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022 Marie Segares, The Underground Crafter and Host of Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Podcast


Marie Segares is a crochet and knitting blogger, designer, teacher, podcaster, and small business consultant. She started the Underground Crafter blog in 2011 while working full-time in public higher education change management. In 2013, she left the working world and became a full-time solopreneur, straddling two disparate industries: education and yarn. The combination keeps things interesting! Marie is also the host of the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Podcast. She continues to self-publish her designs and freelance for several magazines including I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting. In 2016, she will present podcasting workshops at the We All Grow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect and the Snap Conference.

“If you educate people, then they will be empowered to do what works for them.”

— Marie Segares

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