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Episode 031 Power Purls Unplugged Freeform Friday!

031 Power Purls Unplugged: It’s a Freeform Friday + Random Ramblings



Welcome to this second edition of Power Purls Unplugged and another Freeform Friday where I share my random ramblings about what’s happening on the podcast, and what I’ll be talking about on today’s Facebook Live broadcast at 4pm EST. Last week, I broadcasted at 12pm EST, but today I’m testing the waters to ensure that I hit all the timezones. Let me know which time works best for you when you chime in and leave your comments below my video. To join in, visit me at: www.Facebook.com/PowerPurlsPodcast.

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029 How to Get Unstuck So You can Start a Knit Design Business or Move the Needle on Your Existing One

029 How to Get Unstuck So You can Start a Knit Design Business or Move the Needle on Your Existing One



In this workshop-style solo episode, Kara discusses 3 proven strategies for getting unstuck so you can start your knit design business, or move the needle on your existing one. Kara shows you how to systematically distill down to that one over-arching thing you really want, and how to set a course to get it! Kara uses these strategies herself, and knows they work. It’s up to you to decide to put the wheels in motion and give them a try for yourself. It’s her mission to help you succeed on your designing journey, and to take a holistic approach to your life and career so you can create a healthy balance between both.

When you write down your goal, you crystallize it and give it tangible form. You create something that you can touch and see. On the other hand, a goal or an objective that is not in writing is merely a wish or a fantasy.

–Brian Tracy

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028 Barry Klein, Owner of Trendsetter Yarns & The National NeedleArts (TNNA) Member of The Board


Barry Small PicOn today’s episode I welcome Barry Klein, owner of Trendsetter Yarns. Barry grew up in the knitting industry by working in his mother’s yarn shop. Barry learned how to design patterns and eventually began designing knitwear for his yarn shop customers and the movie industry. Barry and his Mom started Trendsetter with the idea of bringing the most exciting textured and fashion yarns to the knitting customer. In 2012, Lotus Yarns joined the Trendsetter family, offering a collection of luxury fibers. 24 years since the start of Trendsetter, Barry continues to guide the company and create on-trend yarns and knitting patterns. Barry has published  5 knitting books, appeared on a variety of craft television shows, is a knitting spokesperson and teacher at Stitches Events, Vogue Knitting Live, and trunk shows. Barry has been a voted member of “Top 10 Men who Knit Throughout History.”

Anybody can sell a ball of yarn, but the fact that I can have a hands-on approach with the consumer that made something that I designed, and they wear it, it’s the biggest pleasure that anyone can give me. It’s a cooperative effort where everyone’s happy.

–Barry Klein

027 Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything! [Raw and Unedited!] Fabric Softener on Finished Knits? and What’s Happening with Creative Knitting Magazine



Welcome to another Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything episode! In this off-the-cuff convo-style episode, Tabetha and I chat about Creative Knitting Magazine, TNNA, Sweet Georgia Yarns, and a doozy of a question from caller Jennie Clark. Also, this episode is the first of it’s kind and a little daring for us because it’s raw and unedited! It’s just us, right out the the gate from the moment I hit record. You’re getting it all…no intro music, no editing. The bottom line is, I know you want good content. It’s not about fancy background music. We think you’ll really like this radical new approach! 

026 Francoise Danoy, Knitwear Designer and Instagram Phenom! + Free Guide To Master Instagram!



In this episode, I chat with Francoise Danoy, knitwear designer, Instagram guru and Marketing maven, who designs under the label Aroha Knits. Her brand’s mission is to enrich, encourage and empower creatives in the fiber industry so that they can fearlessly pursue their goal of running a small fiber business. You’ll learn how Francoise took her Instagram following to over 15k loyal followers and she will explain exactly how she did it!  

“Thanks to social media and the internet, the world is becoming more interconnected. People from many different communities are introducing the craft of knitting to their own cultures and starting businesses.”

— Francoise Danoy

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