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It's a Power Purls Unplugged Friday!

042 Power Purls Unplugged: Your Knitting Questions Answered with Kara & Tabetha!



I’ve gone a little crazy pants and broadcasted live on Facebook, and… turned it into this podcast episode with Tabetha Hedrick! I thought it would be an interactive way to bring you another edition of Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything. Tabetha Hedrick is Contributing Editor of Creative Knitting and Design Director of Sweet Georgia Yarns. Together, we answer a listener question about pattern grading and how to create balance between life, work and finding time for our knitting.  
Catch me live at 12pm EST Fridays, on To watch past broadcasts, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page.

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041 Power Purls Unplugged: Letting Go of the End Result with Your Knitting


faith_2Today I continue with this topic of knitting with a mindful intention on today’s edition of Power Purls Unplugged #FreeformFriday! Do you struggle unless you see the end result? Is starting with the end in mind always the right way to start? Paying attention to what’s happening moment by moment is what this episode explores today and the idea of deciding in advance to “cultivate not knowing” in order to discover special surprises. Not knowing the next step in both life and knitting can be a roller coaster ride of uncomfortable and exciting feelings, but so worth experiencing this as part of our life’s journey. 
Join me every Friday at 12pm EST on for my live broadcast. To watch past videos, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page

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040 Ask Kara and Tabetha Anything: The Hottest Fall Knitting Trends Found in Washington DC!


It’s another Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything! In this off-the-cuff convo-style episode, we chat about Tabetha’s recent move and our experiences this past June at the The National NeedlArts Trade Show (TNNA) in Washington DC. We both consider going to the show like “Vegas for knitters,” so you definitely want to have a listen to learn about the exciting products we saw there. We share our thoughts about what stood out the most, and hands down that was gradient yarn mini skein sets. We also saw a few companies rolling out fine-gauge interchangeable knitting needles (finally!) and we spotted the hottest trends coming this fall.  

038 Power Purls Unplugged: How Starting an Art Journal can Inspire Your Knitting


Welcome to another edition of Power Purls Unplugged on this #FreeformFriday! In today’s episode I talk about the power of keeping either a written or visual journal and how this can help influence our knitting and life in general. I also talk about how you can get my free journal writing guide!

Join me every Friday at 12pm EST on for my live broadcast. To watch past videos, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page.

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037 Meet Tina Whitmore, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer at Freia Fine Handpaint Yarns



TIna Whitmore Freia Fine Handpaint yarns

Tina Whitmore is the owner, lead designer and chief cook and bottle washer at Freia Fine Handpaint Yarns, the premier dyers of long gradient and ombre yarns in the US. She has been designing knitwear and accessories for over 30 years. Her designs have been published in American Vogue, Italian Glamour as well as popular print and online knitting publications. She has been a guest on Knitty Gritty and Shay Pendray’s Needle Arts Studio. More recently she completed a selection of instructional DVDs for how best to work with Gradient and Self Striping Yarns.

Tina was born in London but grew up on both sides of the Atlantic. After graduating with a BFA in photography in 1988, and a few brief stints in various film production jobs she did what every good art student does and got a job in retail. She eventually settled in Emeryville, CA across the bay from San Francisco. In 2003 she started Knitwhits, a knitting pattern and kit company. In 2010, after 7 successful years, she expanded and started a second company, Freia Fine Handpaint Yarns (named after her dog, Freia). Freia rapidly outgrew the in-home loft studio space and now is based in a large warehouse/artist space in Oakland. Her current staff of 10 employees keep everything humming and yarns cooking 6 days a week.

“I live and breathe what I do. If you start something and it takes off, really takes off, you will probably lose any sort of work-life balance. For me, my work is my life so I’m OK with it, but it can be hard and a lonely path as no one outside of this field really will understand 
what you do and what it takes to make it go.”

–Tina Whitmore

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