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057 Che Lam: The 5 BIG Questions to Ask Yourself About Knit Design


Che Lam is the creator behind the knitting blog, Handy Kitty. She was once the in-house knitwear designer at Drops Design in Norway. Today, she works as a freelance designer, with her creations gracing the pages of popular knitting magazines, including Knit Scene, Creative Knitting, and Pompom.She is also the author of Learn How to Knit with 50 Squares. Che is a contributor to the Annie’s Signature Designs Spring Breeze Collection of knit and crochet pattern designs. 

Originally from Hong Kong, Che currently resides in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fashion and design has always been a passion of hers, although she graduated as a civil engineer. She followed her heart to pursue the dream of being a knitwear designer. 


“I love to create simple and aesthetically pleasing things. As a designer, to see my ideas taking form from sketches to finished knitting, and finally as inspiration for others, is the best feeling ever!”

– Che Lam

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056 Prolific Knit Designer, Meghan Jones Shares Trade Show Tips for Newbie Designers


If you’re a designer and you’d love to go to The National Needle Arts Trade Show, but you aren’t sure what to expect, then you’ll love today’s show with Meghan Jones, who shares tips and some practical advice and tips for newbie designers.

Meghan, who lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, three kids, two dogs, one cat and six chickens, works full time as a knitwear designer and also nurtures obsessions with sharks, gardening, cooking, and chickens- though not necessarily in that order. She is a prolific designer, with a BFA in fiber and textiles. Meghan was featured on the cover of the July 2011 issue of Creative Knitting, and still designs for the magazine today, and was recently named the Creative Knitting Newsletter Editor. 

“I believe you can manifest anything with hard work. The more you work, the better you get and the more opportunities you will create for yourself. Be tenacious. Do what you love and the path will open before you.”

– Meghan Jones

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055 Meet the Ultimate Fiber Boss, Chelsea Fitch!


Chelsea Fitch was drawn to yarn as a child – the colors mesmerized her from an early age. Fast forward years later, when Chelsea was living in Japan and she learned how to knit. She started with continental knitting and she could not get enough of it. She quickly consumed everything she could about knitting and learned all she could. Something told her to start making videos of her knitting and that was the catalyst for what has turned into Chelsea’s knitting empire. Although she’s only been knitting for 3 years, she’s taken action on her ideas along the way and she’s made herself and integral part of the knitting industry. She’s currently pouring all her efforts into and she also has courses available at Chelsea’s not done yet because she also might revive her podcast at some point. Enjoy Chelsea’s foray into the knitting world! 


“I had this overwhelming feeling that this is something that I needed to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to be in the industry, but I knew I needed to be in it.”

Chelsea Fitch

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054 Using Kickstarter to Validate Your Knitting Product with Mariah Clark of Laurie Laine Bags


Have you ever thought about creating a physical product? The task seems a bit overwhelming to most of us. Today’s guest took the overwhelming tasks of product creation to a whole new level. Not only did she hone in on her target customer, but she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to validate her idea! Simply brilliant! 

Today, we are talking with Mariah Clark. She’s been designing bags for more than 6 years and prior to that, she has spent more than 25 years working with yarn. She has a degree in Apparel Design from Virginia Tech and she even spent time in Paris, studying couture sewing. She is the owner of Stitch Amour, a brick and mortar yarn shop in Waynesboro, VA. Her new venture is Laurie Laine knitting bags. She’s here today to talk about the design process, the Kickstarter campaign and the popular Duo bag.


“I approach business the same way I approach a knitting pattern. I see the final goal and break it down into individual steps. And then systematically tackle each one.”

– Mariah Clark

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053 Lessons Learned from Pizza Making & Yarn with Amy Gunderson of Universal Yarn



Amy Gunderson, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the creative director for Universal Yarn. When she’s not at her day job, she spends her time doing freelance design work for a number of publications, as well as doing tech editing for indie, knit and crochet designers. She’s also a freelance graphic designer, focusing mostly on crochet charts. She is the author of two books and has been published in most major knit and crochet magazines, including Creative Knitting and Crochet. She’s also done some teaching and article writing for magazines. On today’s show, Kara asks Amy for her perspective on the yarn industry.


“This is what I like about getting older – getting to know myself better and trying to exploit it! I used to get so frustrated – I’d keep trying, and trying, and trying at some “thing”, and hate on myself for not getting it right or doing it as well as I thought I should. When I finally learned to give myself a break is when I felt like life truly began.”

-Amy Gunderson

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052 Unleashing Vibrant Possibilities with Beth Casey of Lorna’s Laces and Mrs. Crosby


Beth Casey, a business owner and entrepreneur, has been supplying the globe with colorful yarns since 2003 through Lorna’s Laces. This has afforded her the special advantage of witnessing a new wave of thinking in the way we look at yarn. Ten years later, she introduced Mrs. Crosby, releasing a  whole new range of vibrant possibilities. Listen and find out more about the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes in the exciting business of running a yarn company, in this week’s episode of Power Purls Podcast.


It’s an honor to work in yarn. I feel that the love we put into everything we dye flows through to the person that buys the yarn. In turn, the love they put into their stitching flows into their creation. So, when someone wears or uses something made from our yarn, a little of our love is there with them.

 — Beth Casey

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