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The Episodes

052 Unleashing Vibrant Possibilities with Beth Casey of Lorna’s Laces and Mrs. Crosby


Beth Casey, a business owner and entrepreneur, has been supplying the globe with colorful yarns since 2003 through Lorna’s Laces. This has afforded her the special advantage of witnessing a new wave of thinking in the way we look at yarn. Ten years later, she introduced Mrs. Crosby, releasing a  whole new range of vibrant possibilities. Listen and find out more about the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes in the exciting business of running a yarn company, in this week’s episode of Power Purls Podcast.


It’s an honor to work in yarn. I feel that the love we put into everything we dye flows through to the person that buys the yarn. In turn, the love they put into their stitching flows into their creation. So, when someone wears or uses something made from our yarn, a little of our love is there with them.

 — Beth Casey

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051 Power Purls Unplugged: Defining the CREATIVE in Knitting


Welcome to Power Purls Unplugged, with me, Kara Gott Warner. Your comments have shown me that the raw, unpolished aspect of a live podcast certainly has appealed to many of you. I love getting your feedback. It’s been necessary, in order to balance the different time zones and to find the best time frame for this show. Join me today, as I talk to the Power Purls Facebook Group, live, while recording my podcast. We will discuss what being creative with your knitting means to you. Take your knitting to the next level. Let’s keep the conversation going!


Catch me live every Friday, on To watch past broadcasts, you can find them in the video library on the Power Purls Facebook page and on the Power Purls YouTube channel!

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050 Marly Bird – Author, Spokesperson, Designer and YarnThing Podcaster


marly-birdMarly Bird is bi-crafty – a knitter who also crochets! She has been podcasting about the craft since 2007 and is the national spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns and the Host of the YarnThing podcast. Marly had a respectable career in the financial services industry before her love of all things yarn took over her life and career. She was podcasting about it when everyone else was just blogging. She’s always been way ahead of her time, and she’s been able to create a knitting and crocheting empire that has been a resource to share her love of the craft in all forms of media. 


“Don’t put God in a box.”

–Marly Bird

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049 Glitter Up! with Yarn Artisan Steven Berg & Halos of Hope


stevenbe_9120_f_2Steven Berg is a fiber artisan armed with a wealth of experience, daring sense of style, and a firm belief in the transformative power of creativity that knitting or crocheting offers to those brave enough to push the boundaries. Berg began his career early, furiously knitting lines of sequin dresses for a discerning clientele of Barbies in Wisconsin. This led him to become a star student in fashion design at Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Steven found inspiration in the beautiful, fashion capitals of the world as a VP of design at Perry Ellis. His creative work experiences brought him back to his favorite medium again, the one that always inspired him the most, the imaginative world of fiber arts. Steven reminds all fiber aficionados: “The possibilities are endless.There are no mistakes, only variations. And always remember to glam it up!”

“Be inspired, be fearless, be limitless.” 

–Steven Berg 

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048 Lena Skvagerson – Behind the Scenes with Annie’s Autumn Bliss


lena_additionalLena Skvagerson is the lead designer and visionary behind Annie’s Signature Designs. Lena joined Annie’s in 2014, bringing with her over 25 years in the European design markets. We behind the scenes and what it was like creating the second seasonal Annie’s Signature Designs collection, Autumn Bliss.

Lena is a passionate designer and co-collaborator. Her energy for patterns, design and the whole creation process is contagious. She’s crazy enough to love each and every part of the process and this comes across in the finished product. Today we chat about all the fun we had working through the collection design process. We wanted to share our thoughts in this exclusive “behind the scenes” interview. You’re going to love this episode!



“Intuition plays a big part in the design process. You have to trust your instincts. If you feel strongly about it, others will too.”

~ Lena Skvagerson

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047 Dora Ohrenstein, Crochet Designer, Author and Crochet Insider


headshot-lighter-1Dora Ohrenstein is a designer of fashion crochet, author of 6 books, and a writer specializing in crochet history and international traditions.  Dora’s designs appear in all the major print and digital crochet publications. Given her avid interest in advancing the skills of the crochet community, she includes lots of in-depth technical information in all of her books. She also teaches crochet at Vogue Knitting Live, on Craftsy, and in yarn shops across the country.

Earlier in her life, Dora was a well-known soprano who sang contemporary classical music, most notably as the solo voice of the Phillip Glass Ensemble, a position she held for 10 years.  Nowadays in addition to her design career, she is a singing teacher at Wagner College in Staten Island. Dora is a born and raised New Yorker.

Being on the road as a musician gave Dora a love of travel, and today she engages in textile travel, which has brought her to many exotic locations, including the Balkans, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the Ukraine.  The experience has deepened her understanding of how crochet and knitting fit into the larger world of textiles.

Anyone can be creative with their crochet if they aren’t afraid to fail — and failure is the best teacher!

~ Dora Ohrenstein

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