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Taking Chances. Making Mistakes

Taking Chances. Making Mistakes

Embracing mistakes is hard. I totally get it, but the ability and willingness to accept and embrace our mistakes may result in something pretty magical.

As a yarn crafter, we want to move forward with our skill, and we aspire to jump into more projects, but sometimes we face fear of the unknown and we play the “what if” game.

What if I don’t understand the pattern? What if I lose or gain a stitch? What if I dislike the stitch pattern paired with this yarn? What if? …  questions will always arise, so jump in and get on the train!

Life can often dictate knitting and knitting can often dictate life. I’m constantly amazed at the little wisdom nuggets that knitting provides, and sometimes those nuggets are not so warm and fuzzy!

Taking chances and allowing ourselves to make mistakes is where we find our sweet spot and authenticity. One of the biggest obstacles to moving forward is to call ourselves a “perfectionist.” This is actually “afraid” in disguise.

Embrace the holes and the sloppy knitting! Let these become your little teachers. We all start somewhere. We’ve all had holes in our knitting and in life. Accept them. Learn from them because more will show up! This is the fuel for learning and growing.

I hope this little snippet will enlighten your day and empower your yarn crafting journey!

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Support Power Purls Podcast!

Looking for a Two Weeklong Knitalong?

Join Lena Skvagerson, Lead Designer of Annie’s Signature Designs for a knitalong, celebrating the autumn 2016 issue of Creative Knitting Magazine. Lena designed the Undulating Waves Shawl, featured in the magazine, and as a special gift, you can download this pattern for free for as long as the autumn issue is on sale. You can join in on the Creative Knitting Instagram page here

The knitalong runs July 29th through August 12th, 2016. Check out the fun, meet Lena and enjoy the yarn-y love!



Here's Lena with the first 5 stitches casted on for our knitalong project, the Undulating Waves Shawl!

Here’s Lena with the first 5 stitches casted on for our knitalong project, the Undulating Waves Shawl!


Undulating Waves Shawl, Creative Knitting, autumn 2016

Undulating Waves Shawl, Creative Knitting, autumn 2016

Share, share, share… because of course the more the merrier! And when you do, don’t forget to use the hashtag #KnitWithLena

I hope you’ll join Lena (and me too) for this exciting event because this shawl is for sure on my WIP list for this fall!

See you on Insta!

How to Know if You’re Ready to Break into Knitwear Design?

Take the first step in faith. Even though you can’t see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you think you’re not ready, you need to ask yourself why. You may realize what’s actually holding you back is you, and your pre-conceived ideas about what being “ready” means. Just jump in with both arms and start somewhere and feel your way through! That’s how I started everything in my career. I was hungry for it, and knew that I had a lot to learn, but I was confident that I would gain more experience once my wheels got moving. 

I’m a firm believer that if you just jump in, the “steps” will reveal themselves at the right time just when you need them! Also, the single most important ingredient that will get you moving in the direction of your dreams is BELIEVING you can. Without truly believing, then nothing is possible. With belief, EVERYTHING is possible. read more…

8 Essential Steps to Creating a Killer #KnitDesign Proposal #PowerPurlsScope

In this Scope I dive into my free guide: 8 Steps to Creating a Killer Design Proposal. If you’re serious about starting or maintaining a knit design business, then this guide gives you all the tools you need to get started. In fact, this not only applies to knit design, but the principles in the guide can be used for working with any craft publication. Get your copy here

Let’s dive into the broadcast because I dig into all the juicy bits included in the guide… and even more because I just love to go off on tangents. 🙂 One area I explored quite a bit in this Scope is the importance of understanding garment design and how to write a professionally tech edited pattern. This ONE skill is the most essential. This is YOUR product!

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#PassionCraftedBiz Series 🙌👀💙 5 Ways to Become a Conduit for #Creativity 💜💖 #KnitBiz #PowerPurlsScope

How to Become a Conduit for Creativity

In this Scope I continue on with my “Passion Series” of talks and I share 5 tips that will help you to become a conduit for creativity which may not necessarily be what you would expect to hear, but they are so important in my book and should be part of your life/biz plan if you want more fulfillment in your creative life. 

DISCLAIMER— I am not driving! I don’t Scope and drive! I was waiting in the parking lot of the gym and I thought it was a perfect time to Scope. I must say, my Jetta is the ultimate sound chamber. You may see me broadcasting this way again. 🙂  

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