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A Day in the Life of a (Knitting) Podcaster

A Day in the Life of a (Knitting) Podcaster

There’s nothing too sophisticated about how I record and edit an episode of the Power Purls Podcast because I’m all about “knitting together” the process into my daily life. The fun part for me is getting behind the microphone to chat with each of my amazing guests. Then, the big work begins. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, because the editing process takes a bunch of effort and time. It’s a tricky balance of early mornings and evenings that I make each episode happen, and it’s in this post that I’ll share with you how I do it.   read more…

Podcasts I LOVE — and Some that You’ll Least Expect!

When it comes to the amazing medium of the podcast, I’m pretty obsessed, both as a listener, and as a producer of one of my own. If you’ve been a regular listener of Power Purls, you may have heard me say from time to time that I wanted to share my my favorite listening list, and now I’m finally doing it! These podcasts have helped transform me in more ways than I can possibly articulate in one blog post! 

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So Ya Wanna Be a Shawl Maker? Join the 5-Day Experience!

So Ya Wanna Be a Shawl Maker? Join the 5-Day Experience!

I’ve been talking LOTS about a new Challenge that’s kicking off in less than a week. I’m super-excited and I’m working my butt off to make this an amazing experience for you!

Stitchucation Shawls 5-Day Challenge, is not your typical shawl-making challenge, but more of an intuitive and artistic journey through shawl-making. My approach will not be to tell you to knit to “here,” or bind-off to there,” but rather think of it as a vehicle to empower you to take your shawl-making skills to a new place. I want you to question what a typical pattern tells you, and start to create your own blueprint. 

I’m totally going old school, and will be providing a fill in the blank template that allows you to make your own decision about how what your shawl should be, and I’ll be there as your cheerleader and guide through the entire process. I’m in the trenches right there with you! I’ll be there to encourage, excite and empower you to unleash the bold maker within you! 

Here’s what you can expect when you join …

  • Daily emails from me, delivering your daily lesson
  • Daily Livestreaming videos that dig into the day’s lesson with ample time for Q&A
  • Template to create your shawl-making blueprint
  • Private Facebook Group to watch the videos and discuss the daily lessons

The various shawl “babies” that we create over the course of 5 days will cover different techniques and as you create them, I want you to think of your shawl like a canvas and the stitches, like the paint. Aldo, we’ll even dig into mindfulness practices designed to stir up those creative juices!

To take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience, visit PowerPurlsPodcast.com/Shawls to join today!

Rest: the New Form of Productivity for Creatives

Is rest, the new way to productivity? I sure hope so, because I personally find the ability to perform a schedule shut down difficult and it’s not really because the lines between work and pleasure are blurred (although that is partially true). The reality is, I’m addicted to working and busyness, but I find that when I stop and simply sit still, something amazing happens … things are getting done in the background, and I set myself up for getting more meaningful work done later.

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Taking Chances. Making Mistakes

Taking Chances. Making Mistakes

Embracing mistakes is hard. I totally get it, but the ability and willingness to accept and embrace our mistakes may result in something pretty magical.

As a yarn crafter, we want to move forward with our skill, and we aspire to jump into more projects, but sometimes we face fear of the unknown and we play the “what if” game.

What if I don’t understand the pattern? What if I lose or gain a stitch? What if I dislike the stitch pattern paired with this yarn? What if? …  questions will always arise, so jump in and get on the train!

Life can often dictate knitting and knitting can often dictate life. I’m constantly amazed at the little wisdom nuggets that knitting provides, and sometimes those nuggets are not so warm and fuzzy!

Taking chances and allowing ourselves to make mistakes is where we find our sweet spot and authenticity. One of the biggest obstacles to moving forward is to call ourselves a “perfectionist.” This is actually “afraid” in disguise.

Embrace the holes and the sloppy knitting! Let these become your little teachers. We all start somewhere. We’ve all had holes in our knitting and in life. Accept them. Learn from them because more will show up! This is the fuel for learning and growing.

I hope this little snippet will enlighten your day and empower your yarn crafting journey!

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