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There’s nothing too sophisticated about how I record and edit an episode of the Power Purls Podcast because I’m all about “knitting together” the process into my daily life. The fun part for me is getting behind the microphone to chat with each of my amazing guests. Then, the big work begins. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, because the editing process takes a bunch of effort and time. It’s a tricky balance of early mornings and evenings that I make each episode happen, and it’s in this post that I’ll share with you how I do it.  

I thought it would be fun to share “a day in the life” of my process.  The space I record and edit each episode in is pretty simple, and it often doubles as a video and craft studio, a meditation space and even a yoga room.  Sometimes it’s nice, neat and organized, and other times, it can be quite cluttered with yarn, needles and other random crafting supplies which are easily accessible in case the urge to craft strikes. 

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The Power Purls Podcasting Process

My setup is pretty basic– I use a high-quality microphone to record, and listen to the interviews through earbuds which are plugged into the microphone, which runs directly into my laptop. There are other bells and whistles for how I record and edit, but this gives you a good idea of my bare-bones, yet very effective approach. Some podcasters go full-guns with mixers, but I like to keep it simple. Through trial and error, I discovered how to use the best tools to produce a high-quality show.

Digging Deep for Something Meaningful

Before I jump into editing out all the ums and ahs, add an intro and outro, the very first thing I do is listen to the interview from start to finish. This helps me to start thinking about the show notes, and find a meaningful blurb that you hear at the beginning of each episode. Each guest shares actionable pieces of advice, and it’s at this phase that I grab just a snippet of those wise words. This is a part of the editing process that I work hard on, and my goal is to make you feel like you have someone on your side guiding you on your own personal knitting journey. 

This is my favorite part of the process because, I become the listener, not the interviewer, and I often hear things in a new way and gain a fresh perspective from the guest.  While listening at this first phase, this is the only time I actually get to knit because my hands don’t need to be busy typing… yet! 

Recently, I changed up my studio and expanded to create a video space (with fancy new lights too!) In addition to the bi-weekly episodes of Power Purls Podcast, you’ll also find me broadcasting live every Friday for my weekly videos on Facebook. I’ve become pretty excited about live video, because it’s an amazing way to connect and engage with the Power Purls audience.  

Here’s a looksie into my video space … 

A Little Sanctuary

Aside from my passion for podcasting, there are many other things that happen in this space. Each morning between 4 and 5am, I come here to center myself before my busy day begins. I like to call this area of my home a little sanctuary that gives me time to focus on nurturing activities.

Depending on my mood, you’ll find me knitting, reading or journal writing in a little corner of the room where I have a comfy chair. My day just doesn’t feel quite right without starting it like this. Carving out spaces of time in this way each day, even if for just a few minutes, gives me the inspiration I need to jump behind the microphone to produce another thought-provoking and insightful interview of Power Purls, so I can pay forward all the wise advice that each guest shares.


So what do you think of the Podcast? What do you like best? Which episode resonates with you most? Please leave a comment on this post, or a voice message here. Thanks again for listening!


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