077 FiberBoss College LIVE Recap, Dealing with Overwhelm & Building a Crafting Biz! | Power Purls Podcast


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In this episode, Kara chats with special guests, Chelsea Fitch of Knit Fitch, Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits and Claire Probst of We Love Knitting! You may be remember Chelsea and Francoise (AKA Frenchie), because they are returning guests. Now, they are back again to chat about FiberBoss College LIVE. If your wish is to profit from your passion, then this is a must-listen to episode! 

Episode highlights:

  • How Chelsea, Francoise and Claire built businesses around a passion for yarn
  • How FiberBoss College fills a need for biz-minded fiberistas!
  • Get the FiberBoss College LIVE Curriculum details
  • So the big question – WHY a live event like this? WHY now?
  • How FiberBoss College is different than what’s already out there
  • The #1 way to build an authentic following on Instagram 
  • How to get past the overwhelm of starting a design business 
  • How to give “evidence” to your brain to choose courage over fear
  • Indecision is actually a decision to NOT do something
  • How you can get the online replay of the event!  


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