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Today Kara’s Project Manager, Jess Cook, is here to talk about her work as a Virtual Assistant and Project Manager in the Fiber Arts industry. Jess works for a variety of creative business owners, most of whom are in the fiber arts industry. She creates email newsletters, blog posts, website copy, and educational content for her clients so that they can focus on the most important work of running their businesses and growing their empires.


“Be open to the conversations that come up in your daily life where you can find an opening to offer your services.”


-Jess Cook

Episode highlights:

  • Jess works at Power Purls creating the show notes for each episode and writing the weekly newsletter content.
  • Working with Jess has helped Kara make time for more content like this.
  • Jess got her first job in the area of virtual assisting from a friend she met at a local knitting group. Ahh the power of knitting!
  • If you want to start off as a Virtual Assistant, you don’t need a lot of specialized skills; you can with basic tasks.
  • If you can familiarize yourself with a few key software programs and apps, you can do very basic skills and earn a living as a Virtual Assistant.
  • The skills you take for granted in yourself are marketable skills that you can use to provide a service for someone else!
  • If you want to get started as a VA, join groups where creative business owners hang out and talk about their problems.
  • Find a niche so you can narrow your service focus and find business owners who really fit your skill set.
  • Go to a favorite business owner and offer to help them run their business. You never know when they might need help!
  • Tell everyone you know that you’re looking to work as a VA; then as they hear of people who need help they will refer you!
  • Most people start off at an hourly rate of somewhere from $15-$25/hour, depending on their level of experience and expertise.
  • You don’t need a formal website, but you should have a landing page for people to learn about you and find contact information.
  • If you can get going with just one client, ask them to refer you and give you a testimonial to put on your site or social media.
  • Don’t be afraid to just get started!

Learn more about Jess:

Her website – Jess Cook Online

Instagram: @JessCookOnline

Facebook: Facebook.com/JessCookOnline

Twitter: @JessCookOnline


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