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Today Kara welcomes Tara Swiger back to the show! Tara first appeared in episode 61, and now she’s back to talk about the ways her business has changed since she was last here – including an increased focus on the practice of mindfulness. Tara has worked with makers and artists for seven years, helping them learn to explore their own enthusiasm and build businesses they love. Now she has a new branch of her business, helping people who want to build a business that doesn’t include handmade products. In today’s special episode, which premieres here and on Tara’s own podcast, Tara and Kara discuss their thoughts on mindfulness and share tips for how you can build a mindfulness practice of your own.


“Mindfulness is just paying attention – to where you are and how you feel. From there, you can make better decisions.”


-Tara Swiger

Episode highlights:

  • Tara has been helping makers and artists build businesses for 7 years.
  • Since then she has built another arm of her business, using essential oils.
  • Tara loves learning new business models and finding solutions for people who want to build a business.
  • Kara says that mindfulness is part of her business/life plan.
  • Tara defines mindfulness as being aware in the present moment and paying attention.
  • Kara notes that you can’t just say “I’m going to be more mindful!” It takes work to build a habit.
  • When you’re doing what you love for a living, it’s important to stop and pay attention to how great that is!

Mindfulness Tips & Tricks from Kara and Tara:

  • The apps they love: Headspace and Insight Timer
  • Tara puts her phone on airplane mode when she needs to focus on her work. She also turns off all notifications on her phone.
  • Kara will record a meditation, slogan, or affirmation on her phone so she can refer to them later.
  • Kara likes using her journal to record the positive benefits she sees from her meditation practice.
  • Kara and Tara both like to go to a special spot in their homes where they can build a habit of mindfulness in that space.
  • Tara uses scent (essential oils) to help with her mindfulness practice. You can use any essential oil you like – if you get in the habit of using it before you meditate then soon that scent will trigger a desire to meditate in you. She also uses essential oils to help encourage herself to change her feelings.
  • Kara recommends attending in-person mindfulness events and group meditations whenever possible. There’s a special energy you can get in this setting that you can’t get from an app!

Learn more about Tara:

Tara first appeared in Episode 61 – listen here

Website: TaraSwiger.com and EssentialEnthusiasm.com

Instagram: @TaraSwiger and @EssentialEnthusiasm

Her podcasts: Explore Your Enthusiasm and Essential Enthusiasm

Facebook: Facebook.com/TaraSwigerPage

Twitter: @TaraSwiger

YouTube channel: TaraSwiger.com/youtube

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/Tara_Swiger


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