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In this episode, Kara talks about how to develop you knitting super powers – and WHY that means you need to go out on that ledge and take some creative chances! This episode was inspired by Melanie, who is part of the Power Purls Community and she participated in the Stitchucation Shawls Workshop. She recently completed her shawl and it opened a world of possibilities for her. Here’s what she posted … 

I loved going out on a ledge and trying a yarn I wouldn’t have tried. I loved having so much choice, as in what to do next (which of course gives me 101 ideas for the next shawl and the one after that!) I have learned that by the time I am annoyed by the row length, I’m almost ready to bind off! And NOW, I cannot tear my eyes away from this beautiful shawl! 

Even the wisest scholar can’t give you wisdom. They can point the way, but you must develop wisdom through your own experiences.

Taking that chance, means you’re willing to trust yourself! This helps you gain confidence and it’s a step in the direction to begin your designing journey. What I encouraged in the Stitchucation Shawls Workshop was to take an “intuitive journey” through shawl-making and fall in love with swatching, take chances, and go out on a “ledge” as Melanie says. This willingness builds your wisdom muscle, which is your SUPERPOWER!

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5 ways to develop your knitting super powers:

  • Trust your intuition – learn to read your knitting and take clues from it
  • Put aside the pattern – just try to see if you can lead the way with your own understanding 
  • Be spontaneous – try new needles, new yarn. Do something crazy! 
  • Get our of your comfort zone every day
  • Build you WISDOM muscle = this is your SUPER POWER!


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