066 Beyond Knitting & Crochet: Weaving It All Together with Yarnworker Liz Gipson | Power Purls Podcast


In this episode, we’re talking all things weaving with special guest, Liz Gipson, known as Yarnworker in the yarn universe! We go beyond knitting and crochet and explore the influence that weaving has had in the yarn crafting world over the past several years. Liz shares her experiences, passion and knowledge as an expert weaver, editor, author and teacher. Liz writes a popular weaving for knitters column for Knitty and regularly contributes to blogs and fiber-related publications. She’s the author of A Weaver’s Guide to Swatching and has had numerous appearances on PBS, DIY and HGTV networks, where she introduced weaving and spinning to the yarn  world. Visit her Patreon Community and help Liz build her online weaving school!

“Developing a strong responsible relationship with your readers and asking them to support you takes guts, but it’s worth it. Authentic reader relationships pay off in so many unexpected ways and are infinitely satisfying—I firmly believe that community-funded content is the new black.”


-Liz Gipson

Episode highlights:

  • Liz shares how she launched a series of popular weave-alongs after she lost teaching samples
  • How the weave-alongs spurred Liz into a new direction, launching her Patreon Campaign to create an online weaving school
  • Liz expresses her gratitude that her weaving life allows for so many opportunities for reinvention
  • She started her career as an occupational therapist, but then felt despondent and stumbled upon an opportunity to travel to New Zealand to learn about sheep and fiber production
  • Liz studied wool science for a year in New Zealand which began her love affair with the yarn 
  • How she began career in the early days of craft digital publishing
  • Learn how Liz created a bridge to from weaving to the knitting and crochet world with the introduction of small looms

Learn more about Liz:

Website: Yarnworker.com

Liz’s books and products 

Facebook: Facebook.com/Yarnworker

Instagram: Instagram.com/yarnworker

Patreon: www.patreon.com/LizGipson 


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