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In this episode, Kara puts on her editor’s hat to talk about the top 10 mistakes new knit designers make and how to avoid them. In her experience as editor of Creative Knitting magazine, there are several of common proposal issues she would encounter. As you’ll learn, some are very simple and easy to implement, but … often easy to forget! 


The world doesn’t need another boxy sweater pattern. Tell the unique story behind your design. You are your own best marketing machine, and the design proposal is your best first impression.

Episode highlights:

The 10 common mistakes new designers make and how you can avoid them if you follow these steps:

  1. Tell a story – share the vision behind your design and sell the editor on it!
  2. Clearly illustrate your idea through sketch or photo
  3. State the design skill level
  4. DON’T list yarn as “generic” – be specific!
  5. Know your yarn! What’s hot and new? Do your research!
  6. Provide multiple swatches – especially for special shaping: armholes, necklines, bust shaping
  7. Follow the designer guidelines and style before submitting to a publisher/yarn company
  8. Deliver what you promise – if you suggest a garment then be ready to write your pattern in multiple sizes
  9. DON’T send your proposal in the body of an email with photo attachments
  10. DO create a 1-2 page pdf containing all the components in one document


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