064 Knitting It All Together with Holistic Yarn Crafting | Power Purls Podcast


Makers and yarn crafters are talking more and more these days about how their craft is helping them to de-stress and create a sense of calm, and many use it as a vehicle to mindfulness and holistic living. In this episode, Kara chats about how our knitting can be that bridge to a more meaningful and integrative approach to all aspects of our life. How it can help us be happy and well and connect body, mind and spirit. 

Knitting often dictates life, and life often dictates knitting.

Episode highlights

  • Why the flood gates are open now more then ever to explore the subject of knitting and mindfulness 
  • Creating rituals surrounding our knitting
  • How knitting can serve our anchor when we feel the ground fall from beneath us 
  • Knitting as a morning routine
  • Why does knitting make us feel so good?
  • What is knitting intuition and how can we trust in it? 
  • How Power Purls Podcast has evolved into an engaging community and how you can get involved
  • How spontaneously picking up your needles can be a form of therapy
  • Bridging the gap between the technical and the divine
  • Kara’s journey to podcasting and her quirky approach
  • Why Kara started Power Purls Podcast and where it’s going
  • Kara shares her two parallel paths – creativity and wellness and how she has “knit them together”
  • Kara shares how her quest for wellness became passion to help others 
  • How a knitting journal can be a mix of technical and creative doodles. Find your intuitive quirky approach 
  • In the Power Purls Patreon Community, Kara shares “minisodes” that marry these two worlds
  • PowerPurlsPodcast.com/Community to learn about workshops, challenges, unreleased recordings and group coaching


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