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In this Q&A-style episode, Kara welcomes returning guest and “sidekick in crime,” Tabetha Hedrick for another edition of Ask Kara & Tabetha Anything! Kara and Tabetha answer questions from live video audience during the live version of Power Purls Podcast, airing every Friday on the Power Purls Facebook page. Click here to watch the video and chime in with your own questions, or leave them in the comments below. 

How you put it all together thorough your own style, voice, and construction is what makes a design unique.

Episode highlights

  • Judy asks: “How does one go about becoming a stitcher?” 
  • Tabetha answers: It’s all about reaching out and testing patterns.
  • Kara answers: just get in there– don’t wait for all the ducks to be in a row!
  • Fiber Boss Collective is a great resource for designers, knitters, with lots of activity about sample knitting and indie dyer resources.
  • Become a person of value by helping others in fiber groups will help you grow relationships.
  • Why Ravelry is a good resource if you want to get into test knitting.
  • Robin asks: “I am a combination knitter and I would like to know which stitches I need to do differently in order to follow a pattern and/or have my knitting turn out looking correct.”
  • Kara answers: If you are a combination knitter, purling English and knitting in Continental is a good idea because purling Continental can sometimes cause stitches to slant while working in Stockinette Stitch.
  • Lousetta asks: “What makes a design unique and/or how many differences in a pattern makes it new? When can a designer claim it as a new submission?
  • Tabetha answers: How you put it together thorough your own style, voice and construction is what makes a design unique.
  • One of the biggest questions most new designers have is knowing if it’s allowable to use stitch patterns from stitch dictionaries to integrate into a new design.
  • Jennifer asks: “How did you get started in the knitting/yarn industry? and how long did it take you to gain a following? I just designed & published my first pattern (working on my second one now) and I have a 2x a week vlog but I am so new that I do not have a large following. Help!”
  • Kara answers: focus on building community and the big “P” word — PATIENCE and why this is essential in the beginning. It’s about creating a community and growing this overtime. It doesn’t take a huge following to make a sustainable living. 
  • Tabetha answers: keep on designing, and give personalized attention with yarn companies. Don’t give up!
  • Kara shares why it’s beneficial to look outside of the fiber world and gather ideas from mainstream online business people.


Fiber Boss Collective – A thriving community, founded by Chelsea Fitch for knitters, crocheters, indie dyers and designers.

1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly (very long, but worth reading!)

Gabby Bernstein – self-proclaimed spirit junkie and encourager.

Marie Forleo – life coach and founder of BSchool

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