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In this episode, I share how to become an intuitive knitter in 7 steps. As a former knitting magazine editor, it’s all about the pattern, but sometimes relying only on a pattern can become like a crutch because we can get caught up in focusing upon what the pattern says instead of trusting our own wisdom. 

Patterns have their place, they are the beginning tools to help us learn, especially when you are new to the craft, but moving in the direction of trusting what’s on your needles is what this episode digs into, along with and tips for how you can take some tiny steps down that path.

Knitting patterns are the gateway to help us learn. Once you learn the tools, begin to question and reimagine them.

Episode highlights

  • Master the tools, then dissect – understand the mechanics, then reimagine them
  • The Picasso metaphor – first learn to see and understand, then deconstruct and question
  • Why there’s no right or wrong in knitting – go by the beat of your own drum!
  • A good pattern should lead you down a path
  • Kara shares the best advice given early in her designing career
  • The 7 tips to develop your knitting intuition
  • Fall in love with swatching – why this will give you the confidence and ability to be more intuitive
  • Why you should question a pattern if you see a better way to make it

Do you like the way most knitting patterns or written, or do you feel that it’s time to reimagine how we navigate a pattern that includes a more open-ended intuitive approach?

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