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Vickie Howell is most well-known as the Host and Creative Consultant of DIY Network’s Knitty Gritty, her best selling knitting, crochet, and craft books, and her accessible, inclusive approach to nurturing the creative community via print, video and social media. Today, she shares details about a Kickstarter for Knit Show, which will be the first community-funded and internationally accessible episodic knitting & crochet series! 



“Breathe in. Craft out.”

– Vickie Howell 

This is your chance to get involved! Without 100 percent funding, this show cannot happen. Click here to help me support the show and let’s make this happen! Hurry, because the campaign ends April 19th!  The Knit Show is totally funded!

Episode highlights

  • Vickie saw a need for a knitting and crochet show like The Knit Show and filled it
  • How her #1 love for broadcasting and a passion for knitting and crochet helped create her brand
  • Vickie’s super power is craft encourager and setting a positive example for yarn crafters
  • Community is no longer local. We are on a global playing field, and have access to so much more today than ever before 
  • Why crowd-funding is the new normal 
  • How The Knit Show is show different than other knit and crochet TV shows 
  • Show overview: tutorials, the benefits of yarn crafting and mental health, fitness segments and overall holistic integration
  • Vickie’s plans for continuing with her live video series, Ask Me Monday and why this is important for community
  • Why The Knit Show is a fully-produced show and details about the team behind its creation
  • Rewards for becoming a backer of the show
  • Vickie shares her secret for keeping the balls in the air as entrepreneur, wife and mother


The Kickstarter ends on April 19th! Click here to become a backer NOW!

Learn more about Vickie & Kickstarter Campaign:

Community on the web: VickieHowell.com

The Knit Show on Kickstarter

Facebook: Facebook.com/vickiehowell

Instagram: @VickieHowell

Twitter: @VickieHowell


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