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Meet Stacey Trock, entrepreneur, designer and founder of Fresh Stitches, a successful crochet company and membership club.Stacey also has her hand in a number of pots in the yarn industry. She’s the Creative and Marketing Director for Louet North America and … she’s also a crochet/knitting and business teacher both internationally and on Craftsy, an author of multiple crochet books as well as a co-chair of the Business and Creative Services Leadership committee with TNNA.

Stacy also has a  superpower, which is education and community building. Whether it’s teaching someone how to use a crochet hook or instructing local yarn shops how to use social media for their shops, and she enthuses the world with her spunky, can-do-attitude.Stacey shares what it’s like to run a membership club and how she went from offering physical kits and how she reimagined her club this past November to create an all encompassing club and community.

“Curation is the content creation.”

– Stacey Trock

Episode highlights

  • How Stacey began her journey dabbling with self-publishing patterns on Ravelry and Etsy
  • Known for small whimsical crochet animal patterns
  • How she reimagined a new way to write an easier to understand pattern
  • The intuitive aspects of a crochet pattern
  • In 2012, she began a membership club, offering her crochet kits
  • Stacey goes through the paces about how she started the club
  • The difficulties with managing a physical club
  • Why she ended the kit club and shifted to a digital-only club
  • How she expanded from club to an all-encompassing community
  • Why it’s important to know your audience and what they really want 
  • The Importance of niching down
  • Identify what you’re known for
  • Stacey shares her biggest struggle working solo
  • Details about Business and Creative Services (BCS) for designers, tech editors, graphic designers, podcasters and bloggers. 
  • Advice for designers walking The National NeedleArts trade show (TNNA)
  • How to sign up for TNNA as a designer or fiber business
  • Stacey shares details about her role as Creative and Marketing Director of Louet Yarns

Learn more about Stacey

Community on the web: Freshstitches.com

Stacey’s online classes on Craftsy.com

Instagram: @StaceyTrock

Twitter: @Stacey_Trock

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