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Amy Gunderson, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the creative director for Universal Yarn. When she’s not at her day job, she spends her time doing freelance design work for a number of publications, as well as doing tech editing for indie, knit and crochet designers. She’s also a freelance graphic designer, focusing mostly on crochet charts. She is the author of two books and has been published in most major knit and crochet magazines, including Creative Knitting and Crochet. She’s also done some teaching and article writing for magazines. On today’s show, Kara asks Amy for her perspective on the yarn industry.


“This is what I like about getting older – getting to know myself better and trying to exploit it! I used to get so frustrated – I’d keep trying, and trying, and trying at some “thing”, and hate on myself for not getting it right or doing it as well as I thought I should. When I finally learned to give myself a break is when I felt like life truly began.”

-Amy Gunderson

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Episode highlights:

  • What it’s like to develop a collection for a yarn company.
  • What attracted Amy to the world of yarn.
  • The magic of taking some yarn and turning it into a garment you can wear!
  • The different approaches people have to knitting.
  • The blend of art, tech and practicality in knitting.
  • Amy’s role at Universal Yarn.
  • How Amy started out- designing patterns and submitting them to magazines.
  • The process of creating a new collection at a yarn company- how the elements all work together.
  • How themes create parameters and so help in creating a collection.
  • Who determines the color palettes for each season.
  • The freedom Amy enjoys in her freelance design work.
  • How collaboration between designers can add new dimensions to design.
  • Ways that you can break into the design world as a new designer.
  • Amy’s awesome, simple advice about how to make it in any work situation.
  • The challenges that freelance designers often face.
  • How knitting can teach you patience.

How to find out more about Amy:


Amy’s Blog:  www.universalyarn.com  

Amy on Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/designers/amy-gunderson




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