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Beth is a knitting teacher, designer, and technical editor whose curiosity has led her to visit many countries (stranded color, EPS, k1b, lace, …) on the knitting-world map.

Originally from New England, she now lives in San Francisco, where mountains, ocean, and Haight Street are always good sources of inspiration. Her designs have been published in Creative Knitting and Knitters’ magazine, as well as by Cascade Yarns, Claudia’s Handpaint, Fiesta Yarns, and Red Heart.

She has been teaching locally since 2003, and nationally at STITCHES Expos since 2005. What she loves most about teaching is finding ways to make light bulbs pop on in her students’ heads and helping them grow as knitters.

What we can do in our knitting, we can do in our lives. Throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. Keep what works, throw out the rest. 

–Beth Whiteside

Episode highlights:

  • Beth talks about the pivotal moment that led her to a lifestyle knitting career
  • How she jumped off the metaphorical cliff and trusted the universe
  • Realizing when messages present themselves and noticing what you are pulled toward something even if it’s scary
  • Why it’s important to make a decision and stick with it– the biggest failure in entrepreneurship is not believing you CAN
  • On getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • How we can have more joy in life if we’re OK with accepting the junk that comes along too
  • The beauty of the gauge swatch – learn to fall in love with these little gems
  • The magic recipe for staying in business – iterate and innovate!
  • Getting outside and breathing each day #lunchwork on Instagram to see Beth’s walks in San Francisco… from tile work driveways, free cycle oddities, to wire lawn sculptures.

Mentioned in this episode:

Beth’s new Annie’s Video Class, Color Without the Work

Evernote — Beth and Kara love it!!

Beth’s weaving article, Creative Knitting Summer 2013

Design by Beth Whiteside, Creative Knitting Summer 2013

Design by Beth Whiteside, Creative Knitting Summer 2013

How to find Beth:


Ravelry: www.ravelry.com/designers/beth-whiteside

Facebook: facebook.com/bethwhitesidedesign

Twitter: @bethwaaa

Instagram: @bethwaaa

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